Investing requires expertise and experience. Making a profit requires a team. At Samla Capital, it consists of the operational management and the board of directors that complements the management, Senior Advisors, as well as an extensive external expert network.

Samppa Lajunen

"Samppa Lajunen is Samla Capital Oy's founder, main shareholder and member of the Board of Directors. Samppa is responsible for the portfolio management of the Samla Toimitilat and Samla Asunnot funds."

Purchases and portfolio management 

+358 40 555 2638

Hannu Saastamoinen

"Hannu is Samla Capital Oy's managing director and in overall charge of Samla Capital Oy’s operations."

Managing Director 

+358 40 573 7514

Tapio Lyytinen

Tapio Lyytinen

"At Samla Capital, Tapio Lyytinen is responsible for investor relations, apartment sales and leasing and marketing"

Apartment sales and leasing, investor relations management, marketing 

+358 50 401 1954

Joni Härkönen

"At Samla Capital, Joni Härkönen is responsible for the management of maintenance services for the properties. Joni is also actively involved in the leasing, purchasing and property development projects regarding properties."

Property Director, maintenance management, property development, leasing 

+358 40 512 6385

Teemu Harri

"Teemu Harri is responsible for property maintenance management. Teemu is also actively involved in real estate rental, purchases and property development projects."

Property Manager

+358 50 377 4489

Jyri Koskivaara

"Jyri is responsible for managing and developing investor relations in the Helsinki metropolitan area."

Investment Director

+358 50 443 5000

Ilari Joensivu

"Ilari is responsible for leasing business premises and managing and developing tenant relationships."

Leasing Manager

+358 45 861 3088

Lauri Tonteri

"Lauri has held various positions in financial management with the emphasis on external accounting and is the controller at Samla Capital."


+358 50 413 3322

Elina Venäläinen

"Elina has broad experience in a variety of positions in sales, customer service and real estate."

Property Coordinator

+358 50 303 6701

Marjukka Jokinen

"In the real estate industry, Marjukka has a broad base of experience in sales, renting and financial management. At Samla, Marjukka works as a Property Assistant."

Property Assistant

+358 50 303 6701

Jori Leppänen

"Jori's responsibilities include investment target analyzation and cost accounting together with the portfolio manager."

Analyst trainee

+358 44 357 8007

Jana Sasko

"Jana works as an acquisition advisor, specializing in real estate market in Tallinn."


+358 40 820 7767

Petri Teerikoski

"Petri Teerikoski is responsible for Samla Asunnot Ky’s purchases and apartment management. Petri is trained as a lawyer. He has gained property investment experience while performing at a high level and being responsible for investments by the following companies: Suomen Vuokrakodit Osk, Saaga Asunnot Oy and Sijoitusosakeyhtiö Siili."

Purchase of apartments and site management 

+358 44 030 5503

Board of Directors

Matti Ojares

Member of the Board of Directors.

Markku Moisio

Markku Moisio has a strong background in the fields of wholesale and retail trade, construction and real estate sales. He has held various management positions at Kesko in the 1980s, at Polar construction group in 1990-1995 and was managing director of Pirkan OP-Kiinteistökeskus in 1995-2001. After this, he became deputy managing director at Rakennustoimisto Palmberg Oy in 2001-2009 and later the managing director in 2009 – 2011. Following Lemmikäinen’s acquisition of Rakennustoimisto Palmberg, Markku also divested from the company. After this, he has been a professional board member and consultant through Akkumo Oy. Markku brings to Samla Capital his extensive know-how that stems from his experience in construction, real estate sales and business development.

Jaakko Niskanen

Jaakko has an M.Sc. Economics degree. He has worked in the financial sector since 2005 e.g. 8 years at Danske Capital as a portfolio manager and executive relationship manager, after which 5 years in corporate finance operations as a partner at 3J Partners Oy. 


Jaakko has been a member of the Board of Directors of Samla Capital since 2016 and uses his extensive experience in the financial sector to develop Samla Capital through board work.