Samla Premises II Fund

The strategy of the Samla Toimitilat II (Samla Premises II Fund) is to invest mainly in €3-20M size properties that are too difficult for most private investors due to the amount, property type or development need. The geographical focus of the Premises II Fund is on growth centres outside Kehä III in areas that are for the most part excluded from the investment strategies of major players. The goal is to diversify the portfolio into nursing, social and health care, premises and logistics sites.

The fund’s target return is 8-10 %. The initial target return is 6-12%, depending on the property and tenants. The acquisition targets are acquired, in principle, based on cash flow calculations. The annual profit distribution target is 5-6%.



Cumulative total return


IRR, Internal Rate of Return

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. The fund's value may rise or fall, and there is a risk that you will not get your invested funds back. You should become acquainted with the fund agreement and key information document before investing in funds. You can obtain the fund agreement and key information document from the fund’s management company. Nothing presented on this page is not, and should not be taken as, an investment recommendation, investment advice, offer or encouragement to buy or sell financial instruments. As an investor, you yourself bear the full responsibility for the risk related to utilising the information provided on this page when making an investment decision.

Premises II sites

Four historic properties located in Kruunuhaka, Helsinki.
Business space in the heart of Kokkola.
Modern office space in Jyväskylä
Two day care centres in Kuopio
Office space built in 1990, located in Vantaa
Premises in Jyväskylä city centre
The size category of the investments is
mostly €3-20M
10 years
The fund's term is approx. 10 years.
New investors and investments are involved until 31/12/2021.
The target size is 100 million euros, of which the share of equity is at most €50M.
Commercial and business premises
The goal is to diversify the portfolio into nursing, social and health care, premises and logistics sites.
8 - 10 %
The fund's target return is 8-10%. The profit distribution target is 5-6% annually.

The focus is on rapidly growing growth centres

The geographical focus of the Samla Toimitilat II Fund is in growth centres outside Kehä III. An ideal investment has a ready cash flow and also development potential in the future.

Commercial properties in gridlike areas are the priority. The goal is to diversify the investments into nursing, social and health care, premises and logistics sites.
  • Jyväskylä
  • Kuopio
  • Tampere
  • Turku
  • Lahti
  • Oulu
  • Seinäjoki
  • Vaasa

Experiences of Samla funds

Teemu Tapper

Teemu Tapper

“I decided to become an investor, because the investment strategies of both Samla funds work in practice. Samla’s knowledgeable team has successfully implemented the investment strategy, enabling a good and steady fund performance. I can confidently let Samla Capital take care of my property investments and warmly recommend Samla’s solutions also to other investors.”

Pasi Valoranta

Pasi Valoranta

”Through active work, Samppa Lajunen has been able to find attractive investments into which investing alone would not be possible.”

Sari Harvia-Jyllinmaa

Sari Harvia-Jyllinmaa

”Samla Capital is a reliable, entrepreneur-driven and hardworking real estate investment company with strong know-how and the ability to find profitable investments in Finnish growth centres. It’s great to be involved in Samla’s story, and the returns are brilliant.”

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