Our operating philosophy

We capitalise well-being

Our investments are very concrete and visible sites that support everyday life and work. We operate in areas that offer investors good returns and do societal good at the same time.

The Samla premises fund enables companies and public operators to obtain high-quality premises to produce products or services. By investing capital in premises, we contribute toward the promotion of our society’s business sector and well-being.

The Samla apartments fund offers cost-effective living in rental apartments in growth centres, where living in owner-occupied housing would not necessarily be possible or sensible for everyone. Housing is a basic need for everyone, and by investing in it, we capitalise the growth of well-being.

Goals are made to be surpassed

Our goals are set high, and we want to clearly exceed them.

The target returns of our funds guide all our activities. A single investment’s return must always exceed our fund’s target return, so that we can keep the promises made to our customers. We achieve profits without compromising security. For us, security means the investment’s potential for a future increase in value and making sure diversification is wide enough.

Goals are surpassed only through hard work – and we are used to working hard. By doing more with more quality, tenacity and sustainability, we are able to improve our performance through various areas of doing business.


Samla Capital combines investing and working. The operational team and owners have themselves invested a significant part of their assets in Samla Capital’s funds. Vice versa, it can be said that the most significant fund investors have committed to participate in Samla Capital’s decision-making.

It is sensible to work together, because that allows us to achieve more. Together we can diversify investments in various sites and focus the work on one organisation. We have the best experts and advisers at our disposal. Through our network, we receive more information, know-how and experience than one person could ever gain by themselves.


Without passion there is no energy, and without energy there is nothing. Our passion is focused on investing, real estate, challenging ourselves and working. By working together passionately among real estate and investors, we enjoy our work, whereupon we can exceed goals that are set high.